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We Love The Company(s) we keep!

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CLICK on the video to the right and enjoy the nice comments made by a faculity member of a University Staff. Elliott Hitchcock was asked to come in and speak to the adminstrative team with his program "SPEAKING OF MAGIC."  This video clip speaks for itself. 

Please inquire about the various motivational programs avaiable through M.A.D.  Elliott Hitchcock is considered to be at the top of the top in team building and motivation.

Thanking Atlantis Resort

CLICK on the video to the left to hear Flip DaBird's comments about how he was treated when he appeared at Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. When we work with great clients it's easy to have great times! 

Even our robotic characters get excited when they learn who they get to work with. It's always a blast!


Illusion Projects, Inc.~

Preferred Fabrication Partner

This highly skilled and inventive company is the go-to source for the cutting edge in special effect and illusion technology. Please inquire about them and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

- Box Office Poison
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