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A Producer,
Director and Performer of
High Concept Magical Experiences

Get ready to have a Blast, Hitch!

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Hitch was born Keith Elliott Lock in Philadelphia, PA. At the young age of nine he received his first Magic Set for Christmas. It was under the lid of that magic set that Hitch's passion for all things magical was sparked. An avid artist, Hitch began his budding career drawing and designing his own unique brand of entertainment. While still in school Hitch delved into the study of theater and musical production. His advanced talents in art coupled with performance and production garnered quite a bit of attention and afforded him opportunities generally reserved for seasoned professionals. Hitch was well on his way to becoming an entertainment force.


In his early twenties Hitch entered the world of corporate promotional entertainment design and performance. He also found himself headlining at the major casinos of Atlantic City. As demand for his promotional skills increased so did his support team. Hitch's first production company Pro*Mark Presentations grew by leaps and bounds. His team consisted of writers, special F/X artisans, builders, and performers. Fortune 500 companies flocked to Hitch and the team for everything from Trade Show Exhibits to Special Events.


Speaking of Special Events, Hitchcock has been recognized for his early development of Haunted House seasonal attractions and events. He has been credited with being a pioneer in what is now an eight billion dollar a year industry. He continues to produce and consult within this popular genre.


As a Producer and Director, Hitch's stage experience separates him from his peers. His sensitivities to the performance aspect of any production comes from thousands upon thousands of hours through his personal stage "flight time". Clients quickly recognize this very important but often overlooked quality in entertainment design.


Additionally, this clever "Master Planner" is also marketing savvy. Often he is called upon to promote through performance. His numerous awards are a result of this marketing success.


Hitch has been referred to as a nurturer. He has developed many a young talent and most enjoys working with a solid team. His vision and creative energy both excites and intrigues his clients and his support network. He knows how to reach the goals of his client's needs and take his team's talents to new levels.


On a personal note Hitch enjoys traveling. "Escaping" to nature, often on a touring BMW motorcycle.  He treasures spending time with his Scarlet Macaw Parrot Beemer. If you find yourself having a meal with Hitch chances are it will be Thai food. Snow skiing and sailing are also high up on his activity list. 


To sum up this multi-talented visionary, if you find yourself in the position of engaging Hitch and his team for a project, it would be wise to "fasten your seatbelts". You're in for an exciting and rewarding time! 

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