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As the story goes a very lonely but very friendly virus is removed from his storage (eye) dropper into your awaiting fist. When your fist is opened your audience is introduced to Pyras T. Virus, the world’s first and “only” friendly virus. Although Pyras is friendly it doesn’t mean ALL viruses are. And with that Pyras suddenly become two viruses. Only this new virus is NOT so friendly. Using surgical gloves and a medical mask you do what you can to control these crazy sponge balls as they multiply, vanish and reappear in the both your hands and the spectator’s hands. BTW, the spectator is wearing fresh gloves supplied by you. This effect comes with a good supply of disposible gloves.


The grand finale is quite spectacular as two of the viruses are placed into the awaiting hands of the audience member and a magical gesture is made. Upon opening the closed fist a bunch of little viruses pop into view. The good news is they are all of friendly the sort. All of the viruses are then gathered into a cloth satchel as they prefer the darkness. Our little story concludes with everyone a little more "educated," and a little less fearful of our new neighbors, the viruses.

Pyras T. Virus

  • This item has no return policy due to the nature of the effect and props.

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